Most writers who have become successful started off writing in their spare time, or in the time they forced themselves to set aside for writing. In other words they found ways of fitting writing into their lives. That is where you find the time. The author Toni Morrison tells a story of how, as a single working mother of two boys, she would come back from a full days work, cook dinner, help her sons with home work, put them to sleep and then still fit in time to write.

Again different people do it differently, but do it they do. Some writers speak about setting a number of hours, say two hours a day aside to writing and that they do not allow themselves to stop until the two hours are up. Some writers set themselves a word target ‘I will not stop until I have written 200 words’ or whatever your limit, depending also on what you are writing.

The point is to create a form of discipline or routine where you deliberately find ways of making writing part of your life. The simple fact is that there are 24 hours in everyone’s day, what makes each day different for each person are the ways in which they spend them. Cut down on the things that steal your time, i.e. you don’t have to watch 6 hours of television. Once you cut out those time wasting activities, the time you free up, you can use writing.