Usually the sense of urgency you feel to tell your story will drive you to keep writing. But even this alone is sometimes not enough. If you write with a goal in mind, this can be one way of keeping you motivated. For an example, your motivation could be ‘I want my story to feature in the next POWA Anthology’ then you keep writing until you are ready to submit your story, before the set deadline.

A lot of writers have that initial gust, when ideas come tumbling out of them. During those times they write unstoppably, but other times they go through periods when even writing one sentence can feel like an impossible mission. It happens to almost all writers. This is why the commitment you make to yourself – to sit down and make yourself write even if you do not feel like it, is so important.

Equally important is developing ways of making writing fun and enjoyable, something you look forward to going to, and not a chore that has to be done. Be creative; let your mind burst with the many ways you can do this. Write in a different location, like a coffee shop, the park, at your friend’s house, in your bed.

Reading is another way of stimulating your mind to come up with more ideas when you feel stuck. Dedicate time to reading. Read for pleasure, read for ideas, read writers you admire to see how they do it, and practise your technique. Read writers you don’t like much and pick up things that you want to avoid. Read, but most importantly write.