POWA Writing Programme

2019 – “Wounded Trust”

In 2006 driven by the need to create a collective space through which women could share their stories of surviving gender based violence, we set up the Writing Programme, and invited women throughout the country to send us their short stories, poems and personal essays that told stories of survival.

In 2008 we reviewed the project’s structure and after much consideration decided to change it from a competition, to a programme, and by so doing set it up as a space that could be entered/occupied by as many voices as possible.

In 2009 as part of the change to the structure of the programme and also as way of further extending our help to aspiring writers, in addition to the publication of the anthology we added a number of components to the programme.

These included:

Since its inception there have been 12 anthologies published:

2005 – Breaking the Silence: Dreaming of living

2006 – Breaking the Silence: Positive Living Gender

2007 – Breaking the Silence: Murmurs of the girl in me

2008 – Breaking the Silence: Journeys to recovery

2009 – Breaking the Silence: Stories from the Other(ed) Woman

2010 – Breaking the Silence: Love & Revolution

2011 – Breaking the Silence: Sisterhood

2013 – Breaking the Silence: Special Edition

2014 – Breaking the Silence: Perfectly Imperfect

2016 – Breaking the Silence: New Dawn

2017 – Breaking the Silence: Painting my Future

2018 – Breaking the Silence: My Womenhood, My World

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